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Feasibility Studies

If you are considering developing a sports facility or complex and need to determine whether the project is viable, our team can assist with your sports or entertainment feasibility study. Our feasibility studies include such vital information and data for owners and investors to consider, such as the project costs, funding needs, the market opportunity, government regulations, risk factors, strengths and weaknesses, competition, staffing requirements, management team, and an operating proforma. 

A feasibility study should be conducted prior to a sports and entertainment project’s undertaking. Owners and investors in a proposed project prefer to make an educated decision and determine if it is actually “feasible” prior to implementing a project and committing the valuable resources necessary to take a project from idea to completion. 

From informal verbal presentations to in-depth financial projections and modeling, VIESTE’s experienced team can establish market support and financial feasibility for your sports and entertainment project. Our reports are tailored to the specific needs of the client, ranging from brief reports for internal decisions, to comprehensive reports for lenders and investors.

Although the costs associated with a feasibility analysis can seem pricey at first sight, not having the report can cost a company significant loses if a project goes bust. In most cases, such pitfalls can be avoided by writing a feasibility study, especially for property development.