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Sports Facility Asset Management / Operational Oversight

Whether your sports venue is managed internally or by a third-party management company, our active oversight and strategies are proven to enhance operational performance and align property management with ownership objectives.

The role of a Sports Complex Asset Manager is multifaceted. To be optimally effective, an asset manager’s knowledge and experience must encompass a variety of disciplines that include sports (league, camps, tournaments) operations, membership fitness operations, food and beverage operations, family entertainment operations, sales and marketing, accounting, project management, contract law, technology, capital expenditure (CapEx) planning, and building systems management.

The VIESTE team is comprised of roughly 100 years of hands-on experience in all facets of sports, entertainment, and hospitality industry. The depth of our resources, both in-house and through affiliated subject-matter specialists, is unparalleled in our industry.

VIESTE approaches asset management with a focus on three primary objectives.

Owner’s financial objectives (e.g. increasing revenue, controlling expenses, maximizing cash flow, maximizing economic impact and capital planning)

Owner’s indirect objectives (e.g., community engagement & involvement, regional and national destination, pride of ownership)

Risk mitigation (e.g., asset protection, financial controls)

VIESTE achieves these objectives through a five-step approach: Strategy, Goal Setting, Remediation, and Foresight. With complete focus on constantly operational improvement. 

VIESTE can tailor our sports complex management approach to meet the needs of a wide range of ownership groups, including full asset oversight to high-level portfolio management. We are highly adaptable and can scale our services to the level of oversight that meets specific client needs.