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Sports Facility Design Review & Management

The VSM team has managed the design and construction of some of the nation’s most notable professional stadiums and amateur sports complexes. Our in-house expertise in both sports facility construction and operations allows us to provide valuable feedback to layout and design that can positively impact construction and operating costs. 

Conducting a thorough assessment of needs and clearly defining your project is the crucial first step. During this phase, we guide you in answering the broader questions of program configurations. As part of the project concept and feasibility phase, we help manage the design based on our extensive portfolio of prior projects, as well as conceptual budget studies based on historical data and current construction market trend data. This process allows us to accurately bid and award contracts later in the construction phase.

We can work closely with our clients in every step of the design process including bringing the project architect on board and negotiating their contract. We take a hands-on approach to managing the design team and overseeing the evolution of the building’s design, which includes program development, architectural and consultant drawing reviews and negotiating additional service requests. 

Throughout the process, our goal is to design a sports and entertainment facility within the client’s budget that both fulfills their programmatic goals and exceeds their aesthetic expectations.