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Capital Project Management & Owners Representation

From setting up the organization, governance, technology, and project controls to managing design, construction, delivery and hand-over, we assist clients in executing these high-profile programs with greater confidence.

Owner representation is the best means to achieve optimal results: high-quality, cost-effective, dispute- and injury-free construction projects. We can advise on all or select phases of the development process, for both new construction and major scale re-development/adaptive reuse.

​What makes our team unique is our ability to connect owner objectives with operating realities. We understand what goes into an optimal program to ensure it meets the market and supports the investment. We anticipate issues, providing ownership with an opportunity to proactively weigh in and make informed decisions throughout the process, rather than react to issues identified too late in the process to address, or at least not without cost implications.

Project Concept & Feasibility – Conducting a thorough assessment of needs and clearly defining your project is the crucial first step. During this phase, we guide you in answering the broader questions of program configurations. As part of the project concept and feasibility phase, we help manage the design based on our extensive portfolio of prior projects, as well as conceptual budget studies based on historical data and current construction market trend data. This process allows us to accurately bid and award contracts later in the construction phase.

Design Phase – During the design process, enthusiasm and good intentions can unintentionally result in scope creep. At VIESTE, we fixate on the defined objectives, constantly monitoring the design development and steering it to assure that needs are met, the design schedule is maintained, and design creep is avoided. We pinpoint potentially problematic design features and address their possible effect on the overall program. Our focus ensures your peace of mind.

Construction – During construction, many things happen simultaneously, and the successful completion of one event often determines the success of the next. We plan thoroughly and forecast accurately to minimize surprises. We monitor progress in material procurement and field production to stay abreast of, and to head off potential problems. We focus on the big picture without losing sight of the details. Our focused attention to processes assures adherence to quality, schedule, and value standards established for the program.

Construction Closeout – Our focus on serving you doesn’t end when construction is complete. We continue to manage the process of move-in to ensure that your operations are up and running as efficiently as possible in the new facility. We monitor the building completion and punch-out, provide move-in assistance, and facilitate user orientation including maintenance requirements. Then we tie up all the loose ends with a final update to the project record document and turn it over to you.

Turnkey Development – VIESTE has all resources and experience necessary to assume total, turnkey development delivery risk of a capital project. This delivery model includes the potential of bridge financing to reach the turnkey delivery point. 

VIESTE’s team will work with the client to assure complete understanding of vision, program expectations, project goals, and to quantify budget requirements. 

This model provides the client with a team that completely removes the delivery burden while assuring that the capital project will be delivered on a date certain, within budget and confirming to program requirements.

VIESTE will customize a scope of work to meet the needs of each client, and can address all critical phases of the development process through the following:

              • Concept Development, Facilities Programming & Project Planning
              • Owner Representation
              • Investment Analysis
              • Sales & Marketing Strategy
              • Mixed‐Use Structuring & Facilitation
              • Technical Services Agreement Negotiation & Oversight
              • Project Team Selection
              • Project Budgeting