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Facility Assessments

A VIESTE facility assessment looks at each part of a facilities infrastructure regarding system condition, code deficiencies and functional effectiveness. It is then compared to an inventory of what a facility has and what it needs to function on a daily basis. It is an essential tool required to maintain and or upgrade a facility. The assessment serves as a “road map” showing what needs to be done and what the costs are. A comprehensive facility assessment has two major components: Condition Assessment and Functional Assessment.

Condition Assessment  – Our trained experts utilize walk-through inspection, research, and baseline data collection as a basis. This analysis allows us to identify:
site conditions

We will address your facility’s physical condition, its life span, whether it complies with current codes, and a corresponding Capital Replacement Reserve Analysis. 

Functional AssessmentOur team will utilize this analysis to determine the adequacy of your facility to house its intended operation. This assessment answers important questions, which will help with routine building facility management activities including long-range budgeting, capital replacement, and modernization planning.

Industries We Have Assessed

Facility assessment, analysis and planning is a specialty of our firm. We have utilized our process extensively in sports assets, senior living, healthcare, and residential facilities. These assessments have included:
Sports Facilities & Complexes
Senior Living
Colleges & Universities 
K-12 Schools
Performing Arts
Administration & Offices
Multi-Use Sites

Our team balances the issues of feasibility, cost, and aggressive schedules with the unique and diverse needs of our clients. Facility assessments also serve as the baseline for master plans and become a living real-world tool for operation, maintenance and capital facility planning and budgeting.