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Project Financing

Understanding our client’s goals and possibilities is where our financial advisory services begin. In coordination with each client, following identification of an appropriate scope of work, a feasible financing plan is developed. Plans are based on rigorous quantitative analysis that allow for modeling alternatives, evaluate risks and reflect consideration of private and/or public finance best practices.

VIESTE often gets involved at the earliest stages of project development to support our clients during the negotiation of the projects’ contractual framework to ensure that the proposed arrangements are conducive to implementing an optimal financing package.

​As an independent advisor, we consider all possible sources of financing which may be available for your projects when recommending a financing strategy. Our team will customize a scope of work that may include the following:

Project Development

  • Bid Stage Advisory
  • Contractual Framework Design
  • Permitting Process Review

Transaction Structuring

  • Financial Modeling
  • Market Read
  • Bank Due Diligence & Credit Approval


  • Support throughout Documentation
  • Deal Monitoring
  • Interface with Capital Sources