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Staffing & Training Program

Recruit, Train, and Develop Your Staff

With the post-pandemic labor shortage, hiring is a significant challenge for every sport and entertainment facility. Once you do make a hire, training and developing your staff to maximize sales of your offerings is the key to success. Our proven process helps you recruit the right people, provide training, and develop staff to deal to exceed expectations. 

Operations Training

Without the proper plan and tools, facility operations can negatively impact sales, financial performance, and most importantly, the guest experience. Our team guides you through the planning, training, and follow-up resources to give your team the necessary tools to manage operations effectively and efficiently. 

Sales Training

Our Sales Program equips you and your team with the systems and processes to accelerate Program, Tournament & Event sales.

To acquire your ideal customers, you need the right packages and pricing in place. From rental rates, package creation and contract writing, we help you build the foundation to differentiate and compete with the big players.

To earn the attention and business of today’s buyers, you must sell the way they buy. Our Sales Program gives you the systems and processes to build marketing campaigns and train staff to close deals.

Food & Beverage/Concessions Training

Ensuring successful food and beverage operations at a sports and entertainment facility can be tricky. From the initial equipment order to menu selection, one misstep in planning can create chaos in the back of the house. Even an additional 60 seconds of wait time per customer can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue for your venue. Our team has a deep understanding of potential obstacles and can help you ease concessions and catering execution to maximize productivity and profitability.